Sorry, Annie Dillard

I definitely copped the title phrase from Annie Dillard’s collection of essays for the blog’s tagline. Titles don’t have copyrights, technically speaking, so I guess I’m in the clear. The Writing Life (my copy’s in the mail) is a collection of essays on Living like a Writer™.

My trouble here is that I have no idea what it means. How could I live like a writer? All I can think of are folks like Hemingway, those who claim that writing is just sitting at a typewriter and bleeding. Wordsworth called the act of writing poetry as “the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotion recalled in tranquility.” At least I know what I know what being a writer isn’t. If I regurgitated those quotes to friends who ask me about my hobbies, they’d have just another excuse to call me a pretentious ass. They’ve already got more than enough.

That’s why I’m here. This blog is my ship, and I’m here to navigate through the ocean of BS surrounding this topic (or die trying). To me, folks usually make it too simple or too complicated. I’m willing to bet that it’s somewhere in the middle. The answer might not be simple, but I need something that works for me. If I’m lucky, it may work for you, too.


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